Sadly this topic has presented itself in far too many of my recent discussions.  I made a brief mention about this in an earlier post, but now I feel the time is right to expound on the subject.  If you haven’t noticed, there are an abundance of “grown men” walking around acting like the female [...]


Let’s be honest, Rick Ross has fared well due to the amount obstacles he’s faced recently. He has held his own in an ongoing beef with 50 Cent. He has even managed to sidestep the rumors of actually being a correctional officer in his past. With that being said, he serves us the follow up [...]

A staple in the American Dream . . . marrying the love of your life.  Young girls are conditioned from an early age to wait on their one true love, young men are conditioned to believe that eventually they must settle down with one woman.  You get married to the man or woman of your [...]


If yall haven’t heard of these dudes by now then you need to check them out ASAP! Pharrell signed them to Star Trak not too long ago. Anybody remember them featured on the track “What A World” from Common’s Universal Mind Control? Don’t sleep on these guys!! I’ve had the pleasure of previewing most of there new mixtape..its hot!! [...]

“Haters fail to realize that if they spent half as much energy trying to grow wings of their own as they do trying to pluck the wings off of your back, they could be fly as well”


In life you run across people that seem to have obstinate angry dispositions.  I know personally i’ve had to tell several people that I fear they actually ENJOY being miserable.  It sounds unfathomable, but if you take a moment right now to think of some of the people in your own lives, I’m certain you [...]

So if you haven’t noticed, the title of this post is a bit heavy.  That’s because the subject being discussed is in fact heavy.  It’s no secret that sex gains a large amount of attention in our society and rightfully so, when done the right way sex can be an amazing experience. It appeals to [...]

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I’ve seen and heard enough to be thoroughly convinced that as a whole my people are flat out ignorant when it comes to building wealth.  We’ve been sold a dream that preaches school and hard work = financial stability and abundance.  Let’s put it out there, you will not create wealth or get ahead by [...]

Ok so maybe the title is a tad extreme . . . or is it? I normally try to avoid being the paranoid conspiracy theory black guy, but every now and then, somethings just make me raise an eye brow or three.  Disney films happen to be one of those things. Generally speaking, I love [...]

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New Release Track-list Pain & Torture Can’t Stop Me (featuring Ayanna Irish) (Produced by Neo da Matrix) Who’s Real (featuring Swizz Beatz & OJ Da Juiceman) (Produced by Swizz Beatz) Grind Hard (featuring Mary J. Blige) (Produced by The Inkredibles) Something Else (featuring Young Jeezy) (Produced by Don Cannon) One More Step (featuring Styles P) [...]