Just wanted to share 2 amazing solo rap artists, and don’t worry the full interviews and more of their work will be posted soon!!! Rufat, follow him on twitter at twitter.com/RuFly RE, follow him on twitter at: twitter.com/reisthefuture Join the forum discussion on this post

Often times I wonder if it’s possible to save people that seem to be completely fixated on killing themselves. As a young black man in America it saddens me to say that I’ve reached a point to where i’ve become desensitized to much of the violence and despair that plagues us.  I know I can’t [...]

THE TIMELINE January.2001: Socol to Barneys 2004: Gian Giacomo Ferraris to Jil Sanders & Giancarlo di Risio brought into Versace May.2008: Barneys New York’s CEO/President/Chairman, Howard Socol Resigns yet remains through June. May.2009: Versace board approved 3 year plan signalling the CEO’s exit. June.05.2009: Giancarlo di Risio resigns as CEO of Versace (supposedly over the [...]

In my observation of people over time I’ve noticed just how many of us seem to be completely oblivious to others and they’re attitudes, thoughts and opinions. I often hear people say “I don’t care what other people think”.  This is a dangerous way to live your life.  If you don’t find a happy medium [...]


This video was forwarded to me via e-mail and I wanted to share it with you all. This young man is only 10 years old . . . . Join the forum discussion on this post


The FSF table Sneaker Pimps is more than a sneaker event, its an exhibition of a culture. Walking into the venue in downtown Miami the first thing that you notice is that walls lined with sneakers. All kinds of sneakers are exhibited from local artists’ customs Air Force Ones, to limited edition Stash Air Max [...]