If one were to take interest in learning more about the organizations of The NPHC and pursued further knowledge through the organizations themselves, they’d hear and read words like scholarship, sisterhood, brotherhood, service, uplift, and responsibility. This is because the ideals and principles on which each of these organizations were founded upon are incredibly noble [...]

Anyone that knows me, knows how much I can’t stand going to the neighborhood Barber Shop. Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not referring to MY neighborhood Barber Shop, I’m talking about any and every neighborhood Barber Shop. They are routinely filled with people who know little about a lot or a lot about a [...]

Per the website owner, Amanda Spann: We Proudly Present to You Tallahassee’s Premier Fashion & Entertainment Lifestyle Portal, Tallatainment.com Tallatainment.com is a fashion forward, entertainment and lifestyle portal committed to providing its users with an online presence to chronicle the latest in fashion and entertainment news, activities and insight. Serving over 100,000 college students, Tallatainment.com [...]

I see dead people. Everywhere I go. Dead people.  I see/hear people complain and nag and moan about their jobs, I see them wake up in the morning and look miserable and or bored, then they turn around in the evening and come home looking wore down and depressed.  Now obviously this isn’t how everyone [...]