Since the talk of tablet PCs began over a year ago rumors started swarming about when the tech giant Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) was going to break into the market.  With the success of the iPhone and iPod, consumers were giddy with excitement about what the next product out of Cupertino, CA would be.  There were whispers of a Macbook mini, an iPhone with a keyboard, a Macbook tablet, and so on and so forth.  What we got was the iPad.

The Voice of the Consumer

When the iPad was finally revealed it was visually beautiful, amazingly sleek, and relatively cheap.  This has to be the COOLEST THING EVER. So I’m going to be able to iChat with this right? No.  Oh ok, well then I can write my essays on it in Microsoft Word right? No.  Well I guess that’s what my macbook is for… at least I’ll be able to listen to music, look at pictures, and check my email on the go… Oh wait, that’s what I have an iPhone for….

Hold on a minute!

This thing ISN’T COOL AT ALL!  Who the heck wants a giant iPhone?  And how much does it cost again?  And you have to add how much for 3G?  You can’t fit it in your pocket, that huge screen is looking more like a liability than an asset as far as portability, and did I mention there is no Microsoft Word or Camera?  I mean call me picky but I can’t remember the last time Apple put out a product without a camera.  Even the iPod minis do video.  Is that so much to ask?

The Voice of Apple

We aren’t stupid! We’re the ones that created the iPhone people, just hear us out.  The iPad is a revolutionary device, it’s just not the revolution you thought it would be.  The iPad is not a tablet pc or pocket pc or whatever you pc people like to call your little machines.  It is a product in its very own category.  The camp at Cupertino set out first to make money.  The money making plan was this:  The fastest growing product in the tech market is none other than the e-reader or e-book.  What Apple wanted to do was create the best e-book on the market.  And if you ask me, the iPad is the most visually striking and functional e-book to date.  (See below for a comparison to other e-readers)  To tell you how far ahead of the curve apple already is, guess what the biggest outlook for current e-books is for generating new revenue: Applications. I don’t have graphs and numbers for comparisons in that market, but im sure there’s an app for that.


Sure Apple could have taken another year or so and come out with a tablet computer complete with everything we could have ever dreamed of or imagined.  But any inventor or investor knows that the secret to making money is getting in the market early.  When Apple saw the opportunity to get in this rapidly emerging market they had to act quickly with a fierce product.

With that said, lets think of the iPad as an e-book that does it all.  The app store is as deep as the ocean, the touchscreen capabilities are unparalleled, and the internet browsing is as sexy and fluid as it comes.  Not to mention it features the best music player in the history of music players (iPod).  So before you completely write the iPad off, lets also remember how far the iPhone has come.  I mean look at the 2G compared to the 3GS… Now imagine that for the iPad… I don’t know about you but “I’m ecstatic” *(Mike Tyson voice)

E-book Comparisons

The Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) Kindle DX

-Price: $489
-Screen Size: 9.7 inches (no touchscreen)
-Display: Grayscale
-Memory: 4GB
*This is Amazon’s 3rd version of the Kindle
-Internet Connectivity: None

The Barnes and Noble Nook

-Price: $299
-Screen Size: 6 inches
-Display: E-Ink (grayscale)
*Features a small color touchscreen for navigation
-Memory: 2GB
*(microSD slot for expanded memory)
-Internet Connectivity: 3G

Sony (NYSE: SNE) Reader

-Price: $489
-Screen Size: 5, 6, or 7 inches (touchscreen)
-Display: Grayscale
-Memory: 420 MB
*(32 GB memory card)
-Internet Connectivity: None

The iPad

-Price: $499
-Screen Size: 9.7 inches (touchscreen)
-Display: Hi-Res color
-Memory: 16GB
*Also available in 32 and 64 GB
-Internet Connectivity: 3G, Wi-Fi

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One Response to “The iPad: Epic Fail or Victim of Prejudice?”

  1. Adam Says:

    I would say that as far as this being the first introduction of the product by Apple this isn’t bad. For one, it simply didn’t matter what they released, people like to buy now and complain later. Early adapters, trend setters and big spenders rarely care about the quality of a product as long as its super cool and “everybody wants it”. In other words if people are talking about, they want to own it. Much like with the original Iphone, I’d expect Apple to try again until it gets it right. Each time creating more buzz and more importantly REVENUE. Everyone wants to buy the latest and the greatest. Apple has put themselves in a position to where they have the market on a string and will make money regardless.

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