Recently I’ve had the conversation concerning just how bad the state of hip hop has gotten more frequently than normal.  I’ve come to the conclusion that it truly is catastrophically bad. Content-wise, there’s nothing to speak of in all honesty. The reason new artists don’t experience long term success anymore is due to the fact that on a large scale, lyrics have been reduced to bragging on imaginary status attained or a lifestyle that the majority of listeners can’t relate to. Each verse that comes out is a brand new artists eager to convince listeners that they’re the sh*t by simply saying “I’m the sh*t”. Literally track after track telling lies and stories about having the biggest car, biggest chain, buying up the mall, smashin’ all the hoes and running the club scene in whatever city they’re from.

Maybe I’m missing the point. I mean its possible that today’s rap artist isn’t looking for longevity and sustained success right? If that were the case, these kids are brilliant in every sense of the word. MAYBE, they’re getting in for 15 minutes of fame, get a hit single that bangs the clubs and radio waves, do about 100 shows while their song is still hot, then take the money earned and invest it in a college education or a well thought out business venture . . . (lies).

This is why you’re a one hit wonder . . .

If your verses are filled with “I’m the sh*t, you not the sh*t cus I’m the sh*t. I go hard and you don’t go hard. I ride big and you don’t ride big . . . and so on and so forth”. What are you going to talk about on your next single? Your next album? You present yourself as the greatest to ever do it as soon as you show up to the party, so on your second album what do you say? “I’m STILL the sh* t”. Guess what, we know by now . . . you’re great.  Fans grow tired of walking gimmicks, SUBSTANCE is what sticks. Can you tell me a story? Do you feel anything? What makes you laugh? What makes you cry? What pisses you off? There is a reason new artists are here today and gone tomorrow, the main one being that they aren’t talking about anything substantial or relevant.

You can brag about all the expensive things you buy right off the bat, but understand from the jump people aren’t taking you seriously.  Every rapper isn’t a dope boy coming into the game with crazy loot. So as a listener my initial reaction is you’re either lying about how much money you have or your story is the classic rap cliche’.  Now is it hard to believe that you had a rough upbringing? No, not at all. It’s also not hard to believe that you may have dabbled in the marketing of some weed here and there . . . but let’s be serious, most of you are not coming into the rap game with Sean Carter type money and street cred.

If everyone in the world sold dope, no-one would get rich from it.

My point is that its okay to be normal. Selling dope and buying up the mall, makin’ it rain in the clubs . . . these aren’t normal things that people can relate to. Sure they see it from time to time, but its not a standard of living. In order to become a more quality artist and build longer, more successful careers you have to understand that It’s okay to be a normal guy/girl, blessed with the talent. Its okay if you’re not a street king, drug lord, player, pimp, coolest n*gga alive. The reason its okay, is because your listeners aren’t all those things. Just like we as fans of hip hop want something to aspire to, we also want something we can relate to. At the end of the day, this is art and its worthless if it isn’t personal. You’re selling yourselves short if you continue to write rhymes about the same thing everyone else is.  If you tell YOUR STORY its guaranteed to be unique and captivating and you’ll never run out of material.

. . . But like I said before, this is only if you’re looking for true success in the music industry.

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