Once again I’m giving much due attention and love to talented Atlanta artist that are making a name for themselves. First off, congratulations to @BLAIRMAXXXBERRY for recently signing with Waka Flocka’s BrickSquad . As Blair will tell you, he’s not a rapper, he’s an artist and a trendsetter. Make sure you follow Blair on twitter [...]

I had to show love to long time friend Levi Leer, who’s star is quickly rising in and around Atlanta! He’s the kind of guy that was destined for stardom and anyone that grew up with him would likely agree. This track features Stuey Rock and is an instant club favorite. Levi is a hometown [...]

I think this is a perfect example of the importance of spreading joy and happiness. Your mood can either have a devastating . . . or absolutely beautiful impact on the people around you. Check it out .. . .