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Prime-Discussion, The BloggersPrimediscussion.com was created to encourage and facilitate intelligent discussion among the many diverse users of the world-wide-web.  The idea was formed and shaped during the Summer of 2008 and has been growing ever since. We anticipate that this will be a website of constant growth as we develop over time and reach more people.  As the bloggers of Primediscussion.com we do not claim to be the authority or even experts on any given subject being discussed on this site; however we aim to provide commentary in several different arenas in which we feel we are well versed. Our main objective is to share our thoughts, opinions and ideas with our readers through our posts, while inviting them to do the same via our forum page. We encourage you to sign up as a member with Primediscussion.com and visit our forum page to jump into the discussion(s) that interest you the most! We thank you so much for visiting and hope you tell your friends to come and check us out!!