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I had to show love to long time friend Levi Leer, who’s star is quickly rising in and around Atlanta! He’s the kind of guy that was destined for stardom and anyone that grew up with him would likely agree. This track features Stuey Rock and is an instant club favorite. Levi is a hometown [...]

There’s no reason for sharing this other than the simple fact that it needs to be shared.

Since the talk of tablet PCs began over a year ago rumors started swarming about when the tech giant Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) was going to break into the market.  With the success of the iPhone and iPod, consumers were giddy with excitement about what the next product out of Cupertino, CA would be.  There were [...]

Just wanted to share 2 amazing solo rap artists, and don’t worry the full interviews and more of their work will be posted soon!!! Rufat, follow him on twitter at twitter.com/RuFly RE, follow him on twitter at: twitter.com/reisthefuture Join the forum discussion on this post


Let’s be honest, Rick Ross has fared well due to the amount obstacles he’s faced recently. He has held his own in an ongoing beef with 50 Cent. He has even managed to sidestep the rumors of actually being a correctional officer in his past. With that being said, he serves us the follow up [...]