Hello out there! I’ve been thinking on this for quite some time.  I may have developed a bit of a reputation for being overly analytical based on other post I’ve made in the past, don’t hold it against me. I want to discuss the awesome power of words! Isn’t it weird that we use words [...]

Hello Prime-readers! Clearly it’s been a while since we’ve blessed you with a post, so today we break out of that funk (with a promise that there won’t be such a delay again).  Today’s topic? The power and importance of being able to express yourself.  Soooo . . . what am I getting at here? [...]

THE TIMELINE January.2001: Socol to Barneys 2004: Gian Giacomo Ferraris to Jil Sanders & Giancarlo di Risio brought into Versace May.2008: Barneys New York’s CEO/President/Chairman, Howard Socol Resigns yet remains through June. May.2009: Versace board approved 3 year plan signalling the CEO’s exit. June.05.2009: Giancarlo di Risio resigns as CEO of Versace (supposedly over the [...]

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  Today is a great day for hip hop! Mr. Thanksgiving, a.k.a The Mixtape King, a.k.a Barack O’Drama drops more heat for tha streets! The album is graced by guest appearances from Ludacris, Nas, Gucci Mane, Trey Songz, and MANY MORE! We Must Be Heard ft. Luda, Willie Da Kid, and Busta Rhymes Of course the big question [...]


I’ve been reading a very interesting book lately and yesterday I came across a passage that I felt compelled to share with everyone.  The name of the book is “Extended Massive Orgasm”.  No that isn’t a metaphor for a deeper meaning behind the book, it is in fact a book about sex and orgasms; however, [...]

I’ve already written a similar post to this one (I’ve been thinking), but apparently there are still a large amount of people that need to receive this message.  I’m not so thrilled about the dating landscape right now and I think it’s safe to say that many of us aren’t.  But this probably applies much [...]

Sadly this topic has presented itself in far too many of my recent discussions.  I made a brief mention about this in an earlier post, but now I feel the time is right to expound on the subject.  If you haven’t noticed, there are an abundance of “grown men” walking around acting like the female [...]


If yall haven’t heard of these dudes by now then you need to check them out ASAP! Pharrell signed them to Star Trak not too long ago. Anybody remember them featured on the track “What A World” from Common’s Universal Mind Control? Don’t sleep on these guys!! I’ve had the pleasure of previewing most of there new mixtape..its hot!! [...]