I think this is a perfect example of the importance of spreading joy and happiness. Your mood can either have a devastating . . . or absolutely beautiful impact on the people around you. Check it out .. . .

L.A.M = LOOK AT ME At one point or another we’ll have to be honest about some of the problems that face The Black Community. One of the biggest issues that I feel we face, is the fact that our values as a culture are skewed in a way that drastically prohibits our long term [...]

I see dead people. Everywhere I go. Dead people.  I see/hear people complain and nag and moan about their jobs, I see them wake up in the morning and look miserable and or bored, then they turn around in the evening and come home looking wore down and depressed.  Now obviously this isn’t how everyone [...]

Greetings readers! Today I want to talk about opportunity and how many people tend to miss theirs, particularly when it comes to financial opportunities.  It’s no secret that today we live in a world in which our economy is shaky and jobs aren’t secure. Yet, years of tradition and people’s natural skepticism in anything new [...]

Hello World! I hope all is well out there. As many of you know, I rather enjoy sharing my opinions and perspective on certain things whether other people are interested in hearing them or not.  Today I feel compelled to discuss the “Angry Black Guy Complex”.  What is this you ask? Well . . . [...]

Hello Prime-readers! Clearly it’s been a while since we’ve blessed you with a post, so today we break out of that funk (with a promise that there won’t be such a delay again).  Today’s topic? The power and importance of being able to express yourself.  Soooo . . . what am I getting at here? [...]